Why Aren’t Edibles Legal in Canada? Yes, my fellow baked potatoes! Can you pass the pot, please? Cannabis for recreational use has been legal since October 17, 2018. However, edibles had not been (bill 45) approved for legal retail sales. The reason behind this was a concern for the safety of children’s health. Edibles are very enticing for children because of the packaging. Yes! …  there are negligent irresponsible adults who leave them accessible to children! Many people have purchased edibles on the black market. Over 600 hundred incidents of hospital visits have been reported in Alberta and Ontario alone with young people. There have even been 25 cases of children admitted for hospital care under the age of four that have consumed edibles.

Recently the restrictions have been lifted and the edible herb is free for online sales. Dispensary sales are scheduled for October 2019. The Great White North will follow most of the same guidelines as Colorado. Although individual provinces have the right to impose their own restrictions. The province of Quebec is expected to implement stricter compliances with regards to edibles. Colorado state has experienced the same problems with enticing edibles that children assume is candy or sweets.

Packaging will change and THC content will be lowered. They are proposing a limit for a single serving package with a 10mg THC level limit. There is a vast variety of edibles that can be made. Gummie Bears, candies, cake, cookies, nuts, popcorn etc. These edibles must meet safety and food standards which apply to other consumables available for sale in Canada. Also, THC infused drinks in an assortment of flavours are being introduced.

Why Aren’t Edibles Legal in Canada? – Online Sales

Alcohol will not be allowed to mix in these products. Moreover, with full legalization throughout the country, we now have a chance to set an example. The legalization of cannabis is like an experiment in progress. Many products initially had (in some cases still do) bright eye-catching packages. However now a more subdued adult look is now the responsible trend.

Also, many companies are introducing childproof containers with warnings. This will eventually be standard with all edibles sold across Canada. Not everyone agrees with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Policies. But the majority of Canadians agree with the legalization of cannabis. Edibles and vaping THC are a safer alternative than inhaling cannabis smoke. There is a high amount of tar in cannabis which is toxic.

Edibles give the same high effect as smoking cannabis. Although a more of a body high released through the digestive system. You are advised to go slowly because edibles are slow acting in your system. The high eventually builds … so do not consume too many at once! You could end up 3 stars from Mars! Smoking cannabis is faster acting. But what is your hurry anyway? Also, many people have quit smoking cigarettes or switched to vaping THC because of no tar. This is why edibles are so appealing to the cannabis user. There will always be a market for smokable cannabis, but edibles will definitely be the future for the health conscious. There have been great strides with the treatment of medical conditions with CBD extracts, so edibles fit like a glove. The edible evolution has begun. The future has arrived. So now the helpful herb is legal in many forms. In this way, quality control is ensured.

There are many health-conscious cannabis lovers. Companies like Julie’s Natural Edibles. This is a perfect example all natural, gluten free strain-specific organic cannabis. What more could you ask for? These edibles possess terrific tastes of granola, granola bars, roasted nuts or sweet nut squares. This particular company sells each edible in a 100mg recreational or 200mg medicinal.

There are many more excellent companies with amazing edibles online. However, for the time being, we shall have to wait until we can order a nice hash brownie at a Canadian coffee shop like in Amsterdam. Or a thatched roof beach bar in Jamaica.