Marijuana Cartridges produces their exceptional line of THC e-Liquid with THC Distillate. But what is THC Distillate anyways? And are all THC e-Liquids made the same? THC Distillate, to be frank, is the purest form of THC available. During the extraction process, only the compound THC is left, thus making THC Distillate the purest, most potent THC concentrate available. That being said, although Marijuana Cartridges uses pure THC in their THC e-Liquids, not every THC e-Liquid manufacturer blends theirs the same. Hence why consumers should do a little research before purchasing their next marijuana oil device because quality means everything!

How is THC Distillate Made?

To begin, what makes THC Distillate stand out from other THC products is the extraction method applied. This extraction method is known as “short path distillation process”. In short, to vaporize cannabinoids, high temperatures are needed. However, by using the short path distillation process accompanied by high powered vacuums, the cannabinoids are perfectly distilled at low temperatures. That being said, when making THC Distillate, there are two separate parts. The first part involves removing all the terpenes from the cannabinoids. (Note the fact that these terpenes can still be introduced at a later time). While the second part involves removing all the lipids, solvents and impurities. This 2 part process produces a pure Distillate which is aromaless and odour free. Afterwards, a wiped film evaporator turns the Distillate into the oil which can be found in edibles, concentrates and of course, cartridges!

“Molecular distillation” is another name for this type of extraction method. This extraction method separates even the tiniest of compounds from the marijuana. Including of course the THC, any pesticides, lipids, plant material as well as many others. Cannabinoids, in the purest form, are very thick, gooey-like, resembling something very close to honey. So it is important that the entire extraction system can handle thick, high-viscosity substances as the high-boiling points needed to vaporize cannabinoids can lead to a very sticky situation. In other words, leave THC Distillate to the professionals!

Why Choose THC Distillate?

THC Distillate is the optimal choice as it is the rawest, purest form available. The extraction process does not require solvents such as C02, alcohol or BHO to bind with the marijuana products. Such products are known to be harmful for numerous reasons, hence why choosing THC Distillates the optimal choice. Not to mention these fabulous benefits as well!

Clean Vapour

As spoken about previously, since the extraction process does not require the use of solvents such as BHO, C02 or alcohol to bind with the marijuana products, the vapours safe from harmful carcinogens. This benefit makes vaping a THC e-Liquid produced with THC Distillate an attractive choice for those looking to avoid the act of “smoking”.


THC Distillate is potent! For instance in flowers, the THC content ranges around 15-25%, whereas, in oil where a BHO or C02 extraction was used, the THC ranges only around 60-80%. But with THC Distillates, the THC content ranges at an astonishing 90-99%!

Immediate Effects

One of the most enticing benefits of THC Distillates the fact that after consumption, the effects are felt immediately. This means medicating’s never been easier as the THC is in its rawest, purest form, without the inhibiting factors of plant matter, it’s possible for the body to ingest the THC rapidly.


Lastly, because there is no combustion, there is no smoke. Smoke is a tell old sign that shenanigans are being had. Since there is no smoke, visibly, nothing wrong is happening. Additionally, THC e-Liquids are odourless – meaning there is no smell left over. However, if a flavoured option is chosen, the vapour may have a slightly sweet smell to it.