Strictest Weed Laws Worldwide. Travellers need to know the laws if they are users of marijuana. There are countless stories of people locked up in terrible conditions for years. It is not worth the risk of sparking up a joint and ruining your life. In some of the restrictive countries, the person you purchase the weed from are working with the police. The police will shake you down for large amount money for possession and give the seller a cut. It is of my opinion that you avoid the risk if you are a smoker toker in these following countries.

France – The French do not distinguish between possession or drug dealing. This could lead to a lengthy prison sentence. Stick to the frog legs!

United Arab Emirates –  Incarceration up to 4 years for possession of weed. If you are stupid enough to distribute, the firing squad is a good possibility.

Philippines – Lately this country is really cracking down on drugs, including weed. Even a third of an ounce could get you the death penalty.

Singapore – Even if you are in possession of a small amount of weed, the police assume you are dealing. If convicted of selling weed, you can be put to death. Singapore is a very strict country where even chewing gum is outlawed.

Indonesia – Weed is in the same category as heroin, cocaine and crystal meth. The penalties are harsh in this country. The sentence is 4-12 years for possession. Also costing you thousands of dollars. If you have a kilo or more, life in prison or the death sentence. The prisons in Indonesia are hell holes. Don’t go there!

Dubai –  Possession of weed here will give you 4 years of incarceration. They can even request a drug test. If you have weed in your system you can be put in jail or deported.

Japan – possession of weed will lead you to spend up to 5 years or more in prison. Sometimes in solitary confinement. You will be an expert in chopsticks when released.

North Korea – This is a very secretive country with very few visitors. If by chance you were allowed to visit, it would be very unwise to bring weed. This could land you in a remote prison with hard labour for the rest of your life.

Saudi Arabia – In this Islamic country, they have the Tazir law. This gives the judge the ability to judge the offender. This allows his decision for deportation, long jail sentence or public flogging. Dealing in weed will result in hanging or getting your head chopped off. Not a good place to have a momentary lack of judgement!

Turkey – Possession of weed is punishable or sale of weed could result in a prison sentence of 4- 24 years in very harsh conditions.

Malaysia – Those who are caught selling weed will be put to death. Possession of weed can get you jailed, fined or deported.

Iran – This country is not tolerant of drug use of any kind. With possession weed, you could face a large fine or even execution.

In conclusion, I would say that taking a risk smoking weed in these countries is not worth it. There are many weed-friendly countries to visit. Canada, Holland, Jamaica and many of the states in the U.S. It is great to have a toke without worry and paranoia of criminal charges or worse! I think if it were legal worldwide, there would be far fewer problems on this precious planet!