Rick Simpson – The Man Who cured Himself

In the annals of medicinal marijuana, Rick Simpson will be a leading example of natural cures. The story of Rick Simpson’s marijuana marvel is one of happenstance and herb. In the year 1997, Rick was working as an engineer fixing pipes in the boiler room of a hospital. There was little ventilation with toxic fumes from glue and asbestos heavy in the air. It was so poisonous that he fell off a ladder and hit his head, knocking him out.

This is what Rick believes was the cause of his impending illness.

A Twist of Fate

Although throughout the next week he experienced ringing in his ears and dizziness, the prescribed medication was not much use. After seeing a documentary on medicinal marijuana he asked his doctor about this latest trend. The doctor refused to discuss the subject. This was a turning point as he decided to try cannabis cures he’d read about on his own.

He was very pleased with the results from using cannabis. Six years later he discovered lumps on his arm. After a biopsy, it was discovered he had Basal Cell Carcinoma,  a serious form of skin cancer. He had read an article from the National Cancer Institute about using cannabis to cure mice of cancer. So he decided to treat his cancerous lumps with concentrated cannabis oil soaked bandages around his arm. He removed his bandages after only four days to discover his cancerous lumps had disappeared! But this was when marijuana was not yet legal. So his doctor refused to believe in this alternative medical treatment. However, Rick was now a firm believer in the power of the remarkable cannabis plant. So much so that he began growing, cultivating and harvesting his own plants for transformation into concentrated cannabis oil called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Helpful, Determined Healer

Rick then went on to distribute his cannabis oil free of charge to more than 5000 patients. These controversial actions did sit well with the authorities in Canada. Rick was arrested and almost 3000 cannabis plants were confiscated by the police.

But this did not deter Rick from spreading the word and expounding the virtues of cannabis oil. One thing that sets RSO apart from other cannabis oils is the higher THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. THC is the principal psychoactive component in cannabis that makes you high. Most other cannabis treatments utilize Cannabidiol (CBD) which has little or no THC. Rick does not sell his oil, but rather offers a website with tutorials on making your own RSO cannabis oil (https://phoenixtears.ca/).

However, you must keep in mind that there is a risk of fire when making your own RSO. There are solvents involved, so extreme caution should be observed. Moreover, research has shown there is no concrete evidence that RSO cures cancer. Although on the federal level in most countries cannabis is still a category schedule #1 drug. This means it cannot be studied for medicinal purposes.

Advancements in Treatments

People like Rick Simpson have found success. There are numerous testimonials from people that have used RSO. These include stories of relief of debilitating disorders to remission of the disease. One thing that is of utmost importance is not to forego recommended medical advice. Rick’s RSO can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments. Also besides cancer RSO has been known to treat such ailments such as asthma, arthritis, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis.

There is so much more research to be done with medicinal marijuana.

Every week there are wonderful new discoveries to benefit mankind. Rick Simpson has proved even ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Rick’s philanthropy and devotion to natural healing is a gift to us all. The future looks promising in the advancement of treating illness with cannabinoids.