Marijuana in the Bedroom

Is using Marijuana in the Bedroom a foreign topic to you? Or maybe something that you’d never even thought about? Well, pitter patter get at er because yes, using Marijuana in the Bedroom is something everyone should experiment with! The options are vast and wide for how marijuana could be included into one’s bedroom activities. From dildo pipes to lubes, specific strains, chocolates, vape pens and massage oils. Which one will you bring into the bedroom tonight for some extra enjoyment?!


Privy Beach – Break Free 500mg Hemp Oil was quite the product to come across. As a woman who experiences pain from time to time after past injuries from an accident that shattered my pelvis and hip. I can tell you that no matter how much I enjoy sex (and I do!!). That sometimes it hurts. Privy Beach produces CBD tincture based lubricants made with MCT oil (coconut oil). These oils may aid in reducing inflammation while increasing circulation which in turn may improve sexual arousal in women who experience pain during intercourse.

Peter Piper Pecker Puffer

Sweet baby Jesus everyone! Would you look at this!! Peter Piper Pecker Puffer is a glass pipe dildo. Yes, you read that correctly folks. A GLASS PIPE DILDO. My world has just been rocked 7 times thru next Tuesday. The glass dildo section is a whopping 8 inches, while the actual pipe part is 2 inches for a total length of 10 inches, mouth to tip! Honestly, at first glance, a glass dildo could seem like a sketchy idea. But rest assured, glass dildos are actually extremely durable! Has anyone tried this model? If so, please let me know your thoughts!!

Love Potion #1 Strain

I put a spell on you and now you’re mine! Is what you’ll be singing after smoking a joint of Love Potion #1 with your significant other! Dubbed the “aphrodisiac strain” for its powerful effects users have stated the strain provided them with. A potent Sativa, Love Potion #1 (not to be confused with #9 who’s an Indica) provides users with an intense head high and energy to burn. Also, check out Love Potion #420 from Yummi Karma. A powerful sublingual tincture containing 150mg THC and 60MG CBD designed to act as a natural aphrodisiac and relief from anxiety.

Sex & Chocolate

There’s a company called 1906 who expertly creates 5 unique chocolate gems, one of which who’s specifically noted to bring a certain “enhancement” to the bedroom, for both partners. Check out “High Love” by 1906, the chocolate gems that are dubbed as “for arousal”. The chocolates contain the strain Blue Dream and five additional plant medicines which curb inhibition, boosts libido, sensuality, energy and sexual arousal along with reducing overall stress.

Dosist Vape Pens

Dosist vape pens are unfortunately only available in California, but whos’ to say that one couldn’t get one somewhere else? The vape pen titled “arouse” is a precise ratio of 10-1 THC-CBD and is specifically blended with the terpenes linalool and farnesene to aid the user in feeling aroused and excited. While the vape pen titled “passion” is a precise ratio of 11-1 THC-CBD and is specifically blended with the terpenes limonene and myrcene to increase sensuality, the euphoric feeling and the overall sexual experience.

Cannabis Massage Oil

Lastly, Canna Life expertly brings Marijuana in the Bedroom in a very intimate way indeed with Cannabis Massage Oil. Cannabis Massage Oil relaxes the mind and the body while melting away pain and stress. As well as increases energy warms the muscles and stimulates circulation. Another Cannabis Massage Oil option is with Evergreen Organix and their intimate massage oil which, coincidentally may also be used as a lube! Two for one!

What products have tempted you to introduce Marijuana in the Bedroom?