Is it time for you to take a vacation? Of course, it is. Do you also enjoy the benefits of cannabis? Well, of course, you do. So, you will surely need to know marijuana friendly places around the world. There are many countries that have strict laws against marijuana. But there are even more awesome destinations that are pot-friendly. So, allow us to help guide you in the right direction to ensure you have the best possible vacations.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anyone over 30 years old from the States and Canada knows about Amsterdam, long considered the center of the cannabis universe. As a pot traveller, I made my first pilgrimage there as a teenager. The city is packed with cool “coffee shops.” Coffee shops are not like Dunkin Donuts or Tim Hortons. They are more like bars that serve weed. You get a menu from which you can choose the strength and strain to suit your needs. I chose a potency of 65 out of 100. Thank God I did because I was seriously tripping. I can’t imagine how powerful a 95 would have been. The city is free and you can even smoke in the streets.

Boston Massachusetts, USA

That’s right Boston is the newcomer to our list. They recently voted to allow recreational use. Now you can visit one of the coolest cities on Earth, which also happens to be my birthplace. Boston has more young people than any other major city due to the fact that they have more colleges than any other city in the world. Boston is also a huge sports town known as the “City of Champions.” So, you know almost everywhere you go is up in smoke.

Jamaica, Mon’

The only rival on Earth to Amsterdam would be Jamaica. And in many ways, it’s better. To say the least, it’s different. For one, the Rastafarians smoke religiously. I mean that literally. It is part of the religion. And the locals know that tourists are there for one reason and one reason only, to smoke pot. When you step off the plane you will get rushed by pot vendors, especially the tour guides and cab drivers. Don’t buy from them. Wait until you get to your little hut in Negril and buy on the beach. It’s less pressure and less costly.


Before considering your vacation you should really choose a cool place you want to go to, regardless of marijuana laws. Then find out if they’re weed friendly. Spain is an awesome destination. And they have some really cool new cannabis laws. You have to join the Cannabis Social Club. It is a non-profit organization that allows you to go to coffee shops and public places and buy and smoke weed. You’re not really buying it though. You are simply making a donation to the cultivation. What a brilliant approach. Just don’t toke before running with the Bulls.

Nimbin, Australia

Australia is certainly on any travellers bucket list. Australia boasts some of the most unique landscapes and wildlife on Earth. The people are some the friendliest you will find anywhere. Marijuana is still illegal but certain places have passed laws allowing medical marijuana. Either way,   smokes pot, pretty much like everywhere else it’s still illegal. However, Nimbin is a total hippie hotspot and has been since the 1970s. They even have coffee and hemp shops. It’s a very colourful town and travellers to visit. Just getting there is an adventure in and of itself.

Vancouver, Canada

Canadians have been pot-friendly forever. However, until recently using cannabis was frowned upon and loosely regulated. Marijuana is now 100% legal for recreational and personal use. But it’s Vancouver that put Canada on the map. They consistently produce some of the most sought after weed in the world. In fact, they have one more Cannabis Cup Awards than anyone else. Vancouver is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its mountains, the ocean and the people voted most friendly time and time again.

Marijuana Friendly Places Around the World

There are so many more marijuana-friendly places you can visit. But that’s all the time we have today. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will introduce you to some other equally awesome places to spend time and enjoy your marijuana without worry.