Our Marijuana Cartridges: A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping Cannabis will walk you through this exciting new world and hopefully point you in the right direction and answer any questions or concerns you may have about vaping cannabis.

20 years ago vaping hit the mainstream. It was initially groomed as the best smoking cessation device available for those wanting to quit tobacco cigarettes. Well, vaping has come a long way since then. In fact, vaping has moved from solely a healthier choice than tobacco to being just as good an alternative for pot smokers. The invention of marijuana cartridges now does for the pot smoker what vaping has been doing for cigarette smokers all along. It eliminates the carcinogens leaving only room for the health benefits.

How Do You Vape Cannabis?

You vape cannabis by using a vape pen, a vaporizer or THC marijuana cartridges. It is easy. And it is very effective. But mostly, it is by far the healthiest way to reap the many marvellous benefits and healing powers of cannabis.  

Vaping uses two primary heating principals, convection and conduction. This is what makes vaping different from say smoking a joint or firing up a bong or a pipe. Those methods are dangerous and incorporate carbon monoxide, tar and more. So what is the convection and conduction involved in vaping?

Well, both convection and conduction are very effective and they both basically result in the same end. How do they differ? Convection is the method that involves low heat under the bud that passed through and releases the THC from the cannabis and the terpenes. It is a far purer way to “smoke” than traditional approaches. This eliminates the carcinogenic compounds associated with fire and the actual burning of weed.

Conduction also uses the same low heat that is standard in vaporizing cannabis. This method requires the user to press the weed or flower directly onto the heating element and cause the “burn.” This resulting vapor is then inhaled in a much cleaner fashion.

It should be noted that the primary difference between smoking weed and vaping it is that when you vape you are not “burning.” You are vaporizing. You are not getting the tar or the paper or the many other harmful elements that come along with smoking. Vaping is the healthier choice by far.

What is a Marijuana Cartridge?

Marijuana cartridges are more or less 100% pure THC in an electronic cigarette tip. It is exactly like vaping. In fact, you buy a marijuana cartridge and put it right on your e-Cig battery and you’re ready to vape.

These are THC e-Liquid or marijuana cartridges. They come in 1 ml atomizers ready for vaping. Usually, the e-Liquid is 0.8 ml of pure THC. The other 0.2 ml is pure food grade PG which allows the THC to vaporize.

The THC is processed out of the cannabis flower using supercritical CO2 extraction. This is what you vape. It eliminates all the dangerous aspects of smoking pot leaving only the good medicine you want and need. Vaping THC is the way to go.

Marijuana Cartridges: A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping Cannabis

There are different ways to vape. Marijuana cartridges are, in my opinion, the easiest, hassle-free way to start. But you can also buy a vape pen. The difference between electronic cigarettes and a vape pen is that a vape pen is for vaping cannabis and an electronic cigarette is generally for eJuice and nicotine consumption. The nice thing about vape pens is that they are ready to use and disposable. You vape until the THC is gone. Then you simply throw it away.

These are not as high quality as pure THC marijuana cartridges that you can purchase from companies like Amsterdam THC. But they do the job. There are also desktop vaporizers that create vapor that fills the room. You don’t even really need to try to get high. Just sit close and let the magic happen. So, as a beginner, you really do not have a lot to learn. You merely need to find the form that best suits your needs and get vaping. Cheers!