Let’s Bust That Myth: Marijuana Overdose

We would like to start this blog by putting the emphasis on the word “myth.”  A myth is defined as a widely held but false belief or idea. The marijuana overdose myth is a very popular one. One might ask oneself, “If it’s not true then why is there so much ado?” There are many reasons. But the most paramount is the vilification and untrue propaganda over the last 50 years. In the United States marijuana has not only been illegal, it has also been classified as a Schedule One Drug.

This elite group includes heroin and other powerful narcotics. A Schedule One Drug cannot be used medically. We are not even allowed to do research for possible medical benefits. And the sad irony is that cannabis is a healing plant and not a narcotic. It is a natural plant that has endless benefits. Moreover, it is not harmful to your health.

And overdosing on marijuana is a near impossibility. It is however possible, two ways. The first way is to eat 1500 pounds of weed in 15 minutes. That would do it. The second is to drop 1500 pounds of weed on someone’s head. That’d do the trick too.

The Institute for Cannabis Therapeutics has done extensive research their results suggest the same. Overdosing is, for lack of a better word, impossible.

Fake News

There are few places that dish out more lies about marijuana than the media. It never fails to astonish me, the outright lies. I fail to see how that kind of evil wickedness isn’t illegal. For decades you have seen only horror stories and fiction spit out of the mouths of these filthy salesmen. You see these salesmen “so to speak” work for the government and pharmaceutical companies.

Big Pharm’ runs the United States and you don’t fuck with Big Pharma. It has been in the best interest of these sick rich bastards to keep you sick. And then sell you harmful narcotics like Oxycontin. Oxycontin, which as you may know, is an opioid. It’s heroin. And they knew it. A major lawsuit has just exposed the fact that the company that produces oxycontin hid the tests results that proved the drug was deadly.

So, if you’re wondering why marijuana has been illegal for such a long time, now you know. These are the same monsters that write the laws and regulations. It’s sick. They legalize opioids for profits and make marijuana a Schedule One drug. But at long last that has changed.

Let the Sunshine In

A new day has dawned. In the last decade cannabis has become 100% legal in all of Canada. And each day sees one more of those beautiful United States go green and legalize the sacred doobage. And sacred it is. Aside from the thousands of recent studies, we have ancient documents of marijuana’s medicinal usage throughout cultures dating back as far as 10,000 years. The myths have been cracked one at a time with real scientific data. And more importantly, sick people are getting well. And there has yet to be an overdose.

Not one officially documented death has been due to a marijuana overdose.  There were over 70,000 deaths due to drug overdose in in the USA in 2017 alone. The real irony here is that drugs like Oxycontin do not heal and they cause far more harm than anything else. And eventually they kill you. Kids in their early 20’s are dying, hooked on this pain killing poison. Yet they have no access to the powerful natural healing herb. It’s disgraceful. And then on top of that to suggest, as fact, that you can overdose on marijuana is downright skullduggery!