Kief – 5 Ways To Use It 

Today we would like to talk about kief and 5 ways to use it. Kief is the most potent part of your bag of weed. In case you think the leftover dust at the bottom of your pouch is leftovers, meant to be thrown away, you are mistaken. That throwaway dust is the kief. And it is not for throwing away. It is to be used and enjoyed. Here’s how; Kief – 5 ways to use it.

Kief is the trichome crystals that have fallen off the buds. They come from the resin glands. And that kief dust is far more potent than the actual buds. This residue is packed with THC. And there’s a whole lot of fun ways to enjoy that kief if you’re looking for a power boost in your high. Let’s look at 5 of the best ways to get the most out of your kief.

Put Some Kief-er in your Reefer

There are many ways to enjoy kief. The potency of kief is similar to cannabis concentrates, like wax or shatter. This is because the powder is almost pure THC. So, when you smoke kief you get a very powerful high. It also makes great medicine. For example, if you use weed for  medical reasons, kief from an indica strain is a fantastic remedy. Let’s look at some ways to use it.

Grab Your Grinder

Your grinder is a treasure trove of kief. Open up your grinder and take it apart. I like to use tweezers. I pry them open and use one of the arms to scrape out the kief from the bottom and sides of my grinder. You will be surprised how much kief you can scrape out of a near empty grinder. You should be able to collect a nice little pile. Now you’re ready to use your kief. Here’s how.

Roll a Killer Joint

Roll up a regular joint or cone, like you normally would. I like to keep my kief to myself. This stuff is precious and not meant for the average or occasional smoker. But if I am having a party, I enjoy rolling up a fat joint and sprinkling some magically delicious kief on the buds. This makes for a solid party joint. Your guests won’t be disappointed. However, you might be when your guests raid your refrigerator and eat all your munchies. 

The kief will burn evenly with the weed in your joint. The only difference is that THC level. You will get substantially higher than when you smoke a regular joint. So, if it is your first time adding kief use caution.

Grab Da Bong Mon’!

There’s no better way to enjoy your bong than adding a bit of kief to the mix. This is the same formula you used when rolling that killer joint. Put a fat bud in the chamber and powder it generously with kief. Take a long slow drag and shoot the hit deep into your lungs. Regardless of how much you usually smoke, I can pretty much guarantee that one hit is all you will need to be seeing stars. Again, if you’re new to the wonderful world of kief, go slow. Wait 5 minutes before you take another hit. You may find that you will pass the bong without hitting it a second time. The best way to enjoy your bong is to put some ice in the water. This will cool off the throat burn. 

Pour Yourself a Tasty Beverage

One of my favourite ways to enjoy kief is to add some to my morning coffee or tea. This is an essential tool that I use on workdays. A better way to start the day there is not. I usually drink three cups of coffee before heading out to my dreadful office job. Sprinkling a teaspoon of kief directly onto the coffee grounds will make your morning beverage good to the last drop. I find that Wilson and Betty, both of whom I despise, are far more tolerable on days when I have had a kief coffee.

The Ultimate Vape

As much as I love a good joint or a piping hot cup of kief coffee, nothing beats a good vape session. Firstly, vaping is by far the healthiest way to use marijuana. Vaping removes most of the toxins associated with burning. Joints and bongs deliver carcinogens and carbon monoxide, both of which are not good for your health. Another great benefit of vaping is discretion. Unlike brewing a cup of coffee or rolling joints, vaping is ideal for outside of the home. You can even buy THC cartridges that vaporize your medicine and leave almost no odour. This is great if you’re in a public establishment or a work setting. Simply excuse yourself to the bathroom and take a hit. No one will be any wiser and your mood will be vastly improved. You can add kief directly to your vape juice. Or you can load it with your buds into the chamber of your vape pen. Either way, Wilson and Betty will be far more tolerable.

Bake a Cake

Head down to the kitchen, put on your apron and get cooking. You can cook your kief down into a potent cannabutter like you would making edibles with weed. You will need to watch a few videos if your Betty Crocker skills are not up to par. Make sure you decarboxylate or your butter will not turn out well. Once you have mastered the art form, get cooking. You can add your kief cannabutter to any recipe that requires butter. The possibilities are endless. Caution is paramount when consuming edibles, as the THC affects you differently. It comes on slow, hits hard and lasts for hours. So, make sure you understand how much THC you are ingesting. And as always go slow at first. Bon Appetit!