Important Weed Etiquette Tips

We all love to enjoy God’s good greens. Most of us enjoy sharing and getting together with good friends for the laughter and camaraderie that accompany a good bag of pot. However, some of you may not realize that pot culture and social smoking require a bit of tact and etiquette. And so, we are here today to point out a few social faux pas’ and some helpful tips, in the hopes that you don’t piss anyone off during your next session.

Puff, Puff, Pass

This rule is probably as old as weed itself. No one likes a Bogart. Bogart is the asshole at the party that when handed a joint, takes a big hit and starts talking. They then take another big hit and continue to tell their boring story in the hopes that they can continue to smoke the entire bone. That is not only super uncool it’s actually quite maddening, not to mention you’re lucky if you get one hit. The general rule everywhere in the world is to take two hits and pass the joint, Puff, Puff, Pass. Bogarts are assholes. Don’t be a Bogart!

Don’t Be a Cheapskate

There’s always that one guy who never has weed. He can’t wait to smoke though. And he’s always the first to say, “He let’s get stoned.” He never has a bag of pot and never pitches in any money. It’s always good social etiquette to contribute. When I know I am going to someone’s house to hang out and that we are going to smoke, I always bring something. If I don’t have any weed I grab a six pack or a couple of bags of Doritos. It is always appreciated. And really it is the right thing to do. No one likes a cheapskate. Don’t be a cheapskate! You might stop getting invited.

Pass the Dutchie to the Left Hand Side

If you are old like me you may remember this hit song from Musical Youth back in the ’80s. The song is the perfect instruction on passing a joint etiquette. This is a simple rule. When sharing anything the standard rule is that things rotate clockwise. This is a golden rule as it eliminates the assholes that like to reach across the circle eager for a hit. He is probably the same Bogart and cheapskate that we may want to un-invite next weekend.

He Who Rolls, Sparks

It is a pretty common rule of thumb that the guy or gal who rolls the doobie gets to spark it up. This is the same for the person who procured the bag. The person who supplies the stash always gets the first crack at the bong or the joint. But since we are discussing etiquette we may also want to consider social grace. What that means is it is always a kind gesture to offer your guests the first hit. It’s just a nice thing to do. 

Never Pressure Someone to Partake

This is a huge big social boo-boo. It’s actually a form of bullying that no one deserves. And yet there’s always that person at the party that insists you just take one hit. Think about how that person feels. They do not want to smoke. And really it is no business of yours. It does not affect you in any way what someone else does with their body. And in the end, it’s more weed for you. So, leave them alone. Peer Pressure and bullying are the polar opposite of social etiquette. Be nice to each other.

The House Rules

As is the case with any house party or social gathering, the house rules. For example, no one in a pot smoking circle wants to smell cigarettes. In fact, most hosts will request you step outside, as cigarette smoke is extremely offensive to most non-smokers. It may be that your host has other rules or restrictions. It is their house. Sometimes a generous host may roll individual joints for each participant. This eliminates passing, sharing, Bogarts and sickness. It is never a good idea to join the group if you have a cold. You will make everyone else sick. And as is the case in life, common sense goes a long way. We hope these tips make your next session enjoyable and problem free. The bottom line is avoiding arguments and inconsideration. And that’s a great way to start a party!