Do you know How to Roll a Joint? Because I do! Rolling joints no easy task. Especially if you’re the only person who can roll and all faiths left in you. I don’t want to toot my own horn, wait yes I do. Toot Toot! I can roll some mean joints, heck I’ve been known to roll some fantastic blunts as well! But that’s another topic for a different day. Let’s begin and lay out the stepping stones on How to Roll a Joint!

Grind that Weed

The first and initial step to rolling a joint is grinding the weed. The roller could always choose to “hippie pick” or bust the weed with scissors…but the consistency of the weeds not comparable to when the roller uses a grinder. The weed is fluffier and of course, more busted than with the latter options. My grinder has separate compartments for busting weed, holding busted weed and catching kief – a triple threat! Add some weed to the portion of the grinder with the jagged teeth, then place the lid on top and grind. If there’s a holding compartment I always fill that up too. Depending on the size of joint the rollers aiming for, generally, .5 of a gram will suffice. Anymore weed a bigger paper will be needed. After the weeds busted, grab the papers!


The kind of paper used will depend on the rollers preference. For myself, a thin, thin paper’s preferred over the white, thick paper similar to the Players Original brand. There’s actually quite a few different options to choose from. There’s hemp, rice, barley and classic wood pulp papers. As well as transparent (my favourite) and even flavoured! Whichever papers are chosen, again, will depend on the rollers preference. Next, the size of the paper. Most papers are singles, but rollers may also choose 1 1/4, 1 1/2, double and king sized papers. The size all depends on how many participants are joining the sesh. 1-3 people can easily smoke a single or 1 1/4 sized paper.

Extra Enjoyment

To all those that enjoy a little more “oomph” in their joints. Then this steps especially for you! Rollers may choose to add “extra enjoyment” to their masterpiece in a couple of different ways. The first option is to add some oil to the paper. This can be done by dipping a pin into the oil and adding a smidge down the center of the paper. Another option is to add some concentrate to the joint. Whether that be in a crumble, live resin, wax, or budder form. Shatter may also be added and if possible, roll the shatter to create a thin thread like piece and place it in the centre of the paper. Extra enjoyment pieces should not go all the way to the ends. This is so that one end may still have the filter and the other be twisted together.


Next, the filter. Filter’s are very important and should not be overlooked! What smoking sesh hasn’t been ruined by the soggy end of a joint? Yuck, I pass up on any joints that have a soggy end on it. Rollers may choose to put the filter in before rolling and twisting the joint. Or they may choose to put the filter in once the joints been rolled and twisted. When I roll a joint, I insert the filter afterwards, it’s easier, but that’s just my personal preference. Filters may be purchased in preformed packs. Or the roller can just go the old fashioned way and cut up a business card! When making a filter, size it out accordingly to the size of the joint. Similar to a sixth sense, the roller will know what size to cut!

Rolling Technique

As stated previously, adding the filter before rolling or after rolling will be by rollers preference. Take the paper, and hold a corner with your pointer and thumb finger ensuring that the side with the glue is facing you. Next, pinch some busted weed with your other hand and place it in the middle of the joint. Use your finger to spread out the weed evenly, add more weed if needed. Then, using both thumbs and pointer fingers, roll the weed within the paper back and forth. Once the weed is rolled into a “log” using your thumbs roll the end of the paper closest to you (without the glue) over the weed. Lick the glue and continue to roll the joint with your thumbs over until the glue reaches the other side of the paper to form a seal. If no filter was added previously to rolling, then insert the filter in one end and twist together the adjacent end.

Final Touches

Now that the joints finished being rolled, if there’s any excess paper at the twisted end. The roller may choose to cut a little bit off or leave it to aid in the lighting process. This next part ensures an even smoking experience but does not need to be done if the roller chooses not too. This next final touch is known as “priming” the joint. The roller would lick their lips, then, holding the filter end with one hand would gently insert the joint into their mouth and gingerly close their lips and proceed to pull the joint out of their mouth. Now the joint is slightly moist on the outside meaning the paper will burn slower and evenly. Note that this doesn’t need to put done, case in point if the roller drenches the joint with their saliva. Haha, so if you don’t think you can’t control the saliva and will just drool on the joint. Leave that for an expert.