Frequently Asked Questions



What are the instructions to use the pen?

First, remove all rubber caps from the mouth-piece and base of the THC cartridge. Next, screw the cartridge onto the battery provided. Then, place your lips on the mouthpiece, and proceed to slowly inhale. You want to first coat the coil within the cartridge to maximize flavour. By inhaling thru the mouthpiece, without turning the battery on, the oil is able to coat the coils inside. Afterwards, click the button located on the battery 5 times fast. The battery is now on. Then you will want to again place your lips on the mouthpiece, and while pressing down on the button located on the battery, inhale slowly for a count of 3 seconds. To turn the battery off, click the battery 5 times fast. The battery comes with a charge, so let the battery die before charging fully.

For ideal vaping, what wattage/ohms should my mod be set at?
For ideal vaping, the atomizer should be running at about 1.5ohms, while the mod should be set between 7w – 9.5w.
For example: 
7.5w – For smaller hits.
9.5 – For bigger hits
How many puffs should I take to start?

To begin, start off with just 2 puffs, making sure to hold each puff for a couple seconds after each one. Take additional puffs as you see fit, as you are the only one who can feel the effects on your body.

I think I took too much, am I ok?

If too many puffs are taken, this is not an issue. Although the sensation may be uncomfortable if you are new, the effects will subside shortly. Simply grab some water, lay or sit down and let the sensations roll past. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana, so don’t let fear take over. Close your eyes and enjoy the ride!

Can I purchase wholesale?

Yes, THC Cartridges are available for purchase in wholesale quantities. Contact us for more details!

Can I order without a medical license?

Yes, you can order THC Cartridges without a medical license.

What age do I have to be to purchase?

You must be of legal age to consume marijuana products in your province to purchase THC Cartridges.

THC Cartridge

What strain of marijuana goes into the THC cartridge, and is that a Sativa, an Indica or a Hybrid?

When producing distillate, only pure THC is extracted. This method strips away all other terpene profiles. Hence why it doesn’t matter if you use a Sativa, an Indica, or a Hybrid as the starting material. The other cannabinoid profiles are what add the characteristics of either an Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid. So since distillate is pure THC, it doesn’t matter which starting material is used to make the distillate. Terpenes can always be reintroduced when blending the e-Liquid.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic metabolites that are found in the trichomes of a cannabis plant. At harvest time, the terpenes must be handled gently or the plant may lose its potency. When the trichomes are handled gently, the terpenes remain intact throughout the entire harvesting process. Ultimately, leaving a more fragrant, vibrant and potent bud as these areas are directly affected should the terpenes be damaged. Think of terpenes to Cannabis, like notes are to wine. The notes tell us characteristics of the wine itself, hence how terpenes let us know how the strain will affect us. Some examples of terpenes in Cannabis include Myrcene. Pinene. Humulene. Linalool and Caryophyllene. Each one of these terpenes has a distinctive smell as well as localized effects on the body.

Where is the marijuana sourced from?

The marijuana is sourced from our licensed, experienced growers in Vancouver, B.C.

How is the THC extracted?

The THC is extracted using a Supercritical C02 Extraction Method. This extraction method ensures the extracted THC oil is of the purest form.

How much THC is in each cartridge?

Each cartridge contains 1000mg of THC.

Where is the THC oil made?

THC Cartridges are expertly crafted in Trenton, Ontario.

What flavours are the THC cartridges available in?

THC Cartridges are available in Strawberry, Black Cherry, Blueberry or Natural flavour.

Are the flavourings organic?

The flavourings used are organic, FDA approved and sourced in North America.

What PG/VG blend is the THC oil blended with?

THC Cartridges are blended with 34% PG and 66% VG.

Where are the base liquids sourced from?

Each base liquid (PG/VG) is sourced from North America.

What is the quality of the base liquids?

The PG/VG THC Cartridges are blended with are of premium, high-quality, quality and also Pharmaceutical Grade.

Storage and Batteries

My battery is flashing at me, why?

The battery will begin to flash as the battery loses its charge if the battery is blinking, simply charge the battery.

How do I shut the battery off?

To turn the battery off, click the button located on the battery 5 times fast. The same process applies to when turning the battery on as well.

How should I store my THC cartridge/pen?

Store your THC Cartridge in a cool dark location, preferably in an upright position.

What is the shelf life of the THC cartridge?

THC cartridges have a shelf life of 2 years.

What do the different coloured lights mean, blue, red and white?

The different coloured lights indicate a temperature change. Green lights indicate 2.6v. While a Blue light 3.2v and lastly a Red light indicates 4.0v.Adjust the temperature to suit your needs!


Where do you ship from?

All orders are shipped from Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

I live outside Canada, can I still order THC cartridges?

THC Cartridges cannot be shipped outside of Canada.

How are the cartridges shipped, express?

All orders are shipped with express shipment applied.

Who do you ship with, Canada Post?

All orders are shipped with Canada Post. However, if there is a strike or any other disruption at that time, orders will then be shipped with FedEx.

I just ordered, when should I expect my package?

All orders have a 1-2 business day processing time, plus the expected delivery time for express shipping which is 2-4 business days. Orders are expected to be delivered in 3-6 business days.

Do you ship with signature required?

All orders are shipped with signature required.

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