Well, the parties all over, your feeling like a truck hit you, repeatedly I might add. And now your wondering…is curing a hangover with cannabis possible? Because let’s be honest, at this point you are most likely willing to try anything to make this feeling go away!! So it brings me great joy to be the one to tell you, yes. Yes, curing a hangover with cannabis is possible!

Curing a Hangover With Cannabis – Personal Experience

As a daily partaker in the glory that is what I call “hoots”. I can tell you that from my experience, curing a hangover with cannabis is one of the only things that really help me “perk up” and “come alive” when I’m feeling like death. Although I will gladly admit that it does indeed take a little bit of self-motivation to get me out of bed though. But once I am outside – in the fresh air and sparking up a bowl for one of those glorious hoots. I genuinely feel 100 x better than I did prior. My feeling of being punched in the gut disappears, alongside my headache and my desire to eat comes back. After feeling a little more motivated, it’s way easier to even take a shower – a guaranteed way to help with a hangover as well!

Another Cannabis product that helps aid my hangovers are edibles. Not even a large portion really, or a lot of THC within the edible, just a bit to “micro-dose” myself. (Let’s also remember that my tolerance for edibles is probably way more than the average partaker). Anyways, back to it, a cookie or brownie suffices and those are usually 35-70mg. You, dear reader, would probably only need 10mg to “micro-dose” yourself back to feeling as chipper as you once were. That body high always seems to do the trick when curing a hangover. Give it a try yourself!

Curing a Hangover With Cannabis – Studies

Let’s be real though, you’re probably looking for more concrete evidence rather than my own experience of curing a hangover with cannabis right? Ok then, first off let’s start with studies conducted by the American Cancer Society that state cannabis relieves nausea. There’s one concrete point. Next, although there’s no “concrete” evidence to support this statement. There have been numerous studies that show that the active cannabinoids in Cannabis have a certain “mind-altering” effect on the mind. These active Cannabis cannabinoids have a sort of “stabilizing” effect on the brain because of the way they short circuit the overactive system as to “quiet the mind”.

Lastly, as I mentioned from my own personal experience, Cannabis triggers the appetite. There is good proof that Cannabis triggers the appetite. Countless studies show just that. The most well-known example I can point out for you is the fact that chemo patients are given Cannabis to help with their appetite. One of the many unfortunate aftermaths of chemo’s that the appetite’s completely lost. Luckily, one of Cannabis’s most well-known attributes is the one called “case of the munchies”. Because that’s what Cannabis does, it stimulates the appetite and sometimes, when you’re hungover as all hell. The last thing you want to do is eat, but its one of the things that’ll make it all that much better!

So there you have it folks, next time you are feeling the wrath of a good party. Try curing your hangover with cannabis, because, that, my friend. That is the cure for hangovers!