Choosing the Right Cannabis Oil

The cannabis oils you purchase will vary in many ways. Choosing the Right Cannabis Oil for your specifics needs is the key to garnering the most benefits. Health ailments both physical and mental are treated with cannabis oil. So, they vary greatly in strength, CBD levels, THC levels and strain origin. We will give you a few ideas of what to look for in cannabis oil that will guide you toward your own perfect prescription to health and happiness.

Rule One

A good first rule of thumb is to ask questions, especially if you’re in a dispensary. The sellers are almost always very informative and eager to help. This can really make a big difference. So, ask as many questions as possible. And listen. You will be surprised how much there is to learn.

Buy Local

You want to know what you’re buying. The best way to know is to buy American. Other countries have been known to produce cannabis oils that aren’t always what they are said to be. FDA regulations and strict government oversight from farm to table are in place. States have many regulations, by-laws and ordinances. See their government website here.

Farmers are under tight scrutiny. Growers and processors are continuously tested and monitored for quality control. Sellers are also obliged to sell safe products for consumption. So, buying local is the safest way to ensure legitimate high-quality cannabis oil.

Read The Ingredient List

When it comes to cannabis oil you don’t need any extras. I like pure CBD and THC oil. You do not want nor do you need preservatives, flavours, or additives of any kind. Companies like THC Amsterdam produce high-end THC Cartridges that are made with 90% pure THC distillate. The other 10% is PG and VG which allows for vaporization. Adding a few drops of food grade level flavouring is fine. I like a hint of strawberry or black cherry. It doesn’t take away from the purity or the integrity of your oil.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Many companies make health or miracle cure claims. The FDA has made it illegal to make such claims. Therefore, if your oil says it can cure cancer or is a painkilling panacea, beware. A company that makes claims worries me. For starters, they are breaking the law. So, they either don’t understand or are intentionally misleading you. That is a big red flag. Go elsewhere, look for testimonials and read unbiased reviews. Educate yourself.

Use the Trial by Error Process

It may take time to adjust the perfect CBD and THC blend that works best for you. Again, this will be dependent upon your ailments or needs. So, look at your options. Find out who the grower is and how was the oil processed. Also investigate the supplier, the testing processes, the sales team and anything else you can get your hands on. Your health and happiness depend on it. Oh, and have fun.

Have Fun and Get Well

Choosing the Right Cannabis Oil doesn’t have to be all that daunting a task. In fact, it is fun and can be relatively easy. But like anything else in life, it takes some effort to maximize your results. If you’re like me you may be economically challenged. So, you will want to start off choosing by price range. Again your local dispensary worker can be super helpful. But the Internet is the way to go. There are thousands of blogs and videos that can easily and quickly lead you down the path to choosing the right cannabis oil. Choose wisely, my friends!