Best Beaches to Enjoy Cannabis

While there are many top 10 Lists for travel and great marijuana destinations, I have not seen any specifically for beaches. When I travel there better be a beach within walking distance or I am getting back on the plane. So, I chose a few very cool beach destinations that are also very cannabis friendly.

Belize & Costa Rica

Central America is one of the best places on Earth to enjoy virgin beaches and lush jungles. I could have chosen almost any Central American nation or Caribbean island for this destination. But I chose Belize because only recently, in 2017, did Costa Rica legalize marijuana.  You will want to get out of San Jose as soon as you score some pot and head to the beach.

Conchal Beach is one of the most pristine and placid beaches on Earth. Or search out Tamarindo Beach and Dominal Beach for some of the best surf breaks anywhere in Central America. Regardless of where you end up, you’re guaranteed a pleasant beach adventure.

Cartagena, Columbia

There are many reasons to book a flight to this destination. And like Costa Rica, you will want to explore the lesser travelled beaches. The beauty is beyond compare. The people are super friendly and epitomize Latin culture and hospitality. Cartagena is the gem of South America and for good reason. They boast not only the best looking women on the planet but also the best food, nature and history.

The walled city bustles with nightlife. The surrounding beaches are some of the coolest anywhere. Pot has been around long before colonial days, made legal in 1994 and decriminalized in 2012. So, head to any coastline and enjoy getting high with the locals without a care in the world.

Jamaica, Mon

It just so happens that the marijuana capital of the planet is also the island with some of Earth’s finest beaches. This tiny island still boasts incredibly plush and virgin beaches where only the fishermen and the Rasta men roam. No matter where you end up from Port Antonio to Negril Beach you’ll encounter friendly people who love to smoke the ganja.

The beaches are voted the most beautiful in the world year after year. Back in the 1930s Errol Flynn, the actor who portrayed Robin Hood, shipwrecked in Boston Bay, Jamaica. When gazing upon the beach he famously stated that the beach was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. I have been there. He wasn’t that far off.


Croatia is a really interesting and old world gem that usually slips under the radar. That is due to the fact that they were at war most of the 80s and 90s. But that has changed. They have turned their country around in short order. Marijuana was legalized back in 2013. And the tourists have been pouring in ever since to enjoy the old world beauty and modern day lifestyle.

Croatia boasts the largest and arguably the nicest beaches on the Adriatic Sea on the southern coast of the Makarska Riviera. You will also want to find Telascica Bay and try to find the Pakleni Islands. Wherever you end up you will love the people, the food and of course the weed.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a little thought of destination when it comes to pot smoking. This little island is nestled just off the coast of Boston, Ma. Massachusetts recently legalized marijuana and made it 100% legal for recreational use. The Vineyard is a half an hour ferry ride from Cape Cod. Once there you can disappear into the landscape and enjoy 22 miles of pristine beaches.

The island is a very Bohemian destination full of artists and musicians. The Vineyard became famous in the 1970s when the cast members of Saturday Night Live all bought houses there. Since then it has become a cherished vacation spot for the rich and famous. But you don’t need to be rich or famous to enjoy their great weed and immaculate beaches.


Travellers know that Southeast Asia is an essential destination when it comes to world travel. Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia are some of the most interesting destinations on Earth. The histories, the Temples, the ancient ruins, the people and the culture are unlike anywhere else. And it’s so foreign to Westerners that it’s almost like landing on a different planet.

Cambodia has fast become a favourite spot for weed smoking tourists. This is despite the fact that pot is actually illegal. But don’t let that worry you. You can buy and smoke out in public with no problem. They even have restaurants that serve cannabis-infused food dishes. Try a Happy Pizza. You‘ve never had anything like it. Then head to the beach or one of the many 5 star Cambodian Beach Resorts. Son Saa is an oasis and private island, where they will get you some of the best pot in Asia. Angkor Palace is great and cheap and worth a stay. Tell them Peter sent you and they may give you the VIP treatment!