420 Celebrations Worldwide

420 celebrations worldwide are growing every year. Even 2 months after the big day, celebration plans have already been put in place around the world. Why, by 2020, even more, and more countries and states will have legalized cannabis for recreational use. Even before it was legal in my city in Canada, a big party would happen in a park in the middle of the city for years.

Up to 5000 people would be smoking joints, bongs and vaping THC. The police would just observe. There were never any problems or arrests made. Unlike alcohol, cannabis promotes a peaceful feeling.

Many cannabis lovers these days are making yearly pilgrimages to various 420 celebrations around the world. Like minded people enjoying the happy herb in an exotic location is fun and a great way to make new friends. At these events, there is also great music and tasty food for those impending munchies.


Vancouver has always prided itself for its west coast vibe and outstanding Cannabis Cup winning BC. Bud. Here you will find herb heaven that has been celebrating 420 for over 20 years. Just this year it became legal in Canada! The beaches are packed with 100,000 people and over 350+ booths. Live music plays all day long. With your toes in the sand and the snow-capped Rocky Mountains towering above makes for a happy high time. This year at the Vancouver 420 Protest, Cypress Hill rocked out to a crowd of 60,000 people!


The state of Washington has long been a hotbed of cool music and wonderful weed. Actually, this is one of the first states to legalize cannabis. Seattle hosts the Hempfest every year which is the largest cannabis event in the world. This festival brings activists and speakers from around the world to expound the virtues of cannabis. Also, of course, is awesome food, music and vendors. An all around great experience in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


There is another reason to call Denver the mile high city. Famous for being one of the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational and medicinal use. On 420 you can expect Denver to be packed with cannabis lovers at the Denver Civic center. Music, food and strains always make for a fun and informative time. Also, the High Times Cannabis Cup is there to hand out awards for best strains. Live music will get your ganja groove on. Colorado has set the standard for cannabis law reform. This 420 celebration is a shining example of freedom.


Amsterdam has long been known as a cannabis destination. The beautiful old city is famous for their “coffee shops”, where a menu of a variety of strains are available to smoke. It is no surprise that Amsterdam is home to a large 420 celebration that is held just outside of city hall. A very festive day with music, food and street performers.

San Francisco

Long before 420 cannabis lovers of the ’70s have congregated at a location called Hippie Hill. California and especially San Francisco have famous for their pot smoking counter culture. Now for the first time, this year cannabis is legal. This means an even bigger draw of old hippies, young hippies and just regular folks enjoying a day of peace, love and weed. Hippie Hill is a beautiful spot to party California style.


In the capital of Denmark, you will find what they call the “Green District”. This is a special area of the city where you free to buy and take a variety of cannabis strains. If you are looking for a laid back 420 without all the hoopla this exotic city on the sea is the place for you.  


This beautiful exotic island has long been synonymous with cannabis culture. For many years tourists have come to Jamaica to sample the ganja. 420 celebrations have sprung up over the past few years in Negril and Ocho Rios. Reggae concerts are the norm at these. The cool vibrations of this music make it perfect for the herb that is ingrained into society.

Cannabis is rapidly becoming more accepted throughout the world. New 420 celebrations are springing up every year. This is great for tourism and the economies in these locations. High times await for the laid back thrill seeker in you. 420 is always a great day to celebrate!