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Marijuana Cartridges
Why Vape Marijuana?All-In-One Kit


Why Vape Marijuana Distillate?


Marijuana Cartridges are the discrete method of ingesting marijuana as they leave little to be detected – Medicating has never been so easy! 


When marijuana’s smoked, 1000’s of carcinogens are inhaled. Vaping eliminates this risk and is also ideal for those with throat or lung issues.

Better High

Vaping Marijuana Cartridges the cleaner, purer way to ingest marijuana. The associated high is potent and the flavour, uncomplicated.

Cost Effective

Customers can expect an intense high with minimal puffs taken. Just 2-3 puffs will satisfy even the most experienced marijuana enthusiasts. 

Your All-In-One Marijuana Cartridge Kit

Customers may purchase the All-In-One Marijuana Cartridge Kit which contains everything needed to get started vaping today!

Each kit contains 1 x 1000MAH Battery, 1 x THC Cartridge and 1 x USB Charger.


Fantastic Flavour Options

Strawberry Marijuana Cartridge

Delicious Strawbery

Blueberry Marijuana Cartridge

Tempting Blueberry

Black Cherry Marijuana Cartridge

Sinful Black Cherry

Natural Marijuana Cartridge

Uncomplicated Natural


“Marijuana Cartridges have aided me so much over the past couple of months, I've been struggling to ingesting the medicinal dry herb I received and find the strawberry device doesn't hurt or agitate my throat in any way!"

Stephanie, Vernon

"I love smoking weed, but not everyone loves it the way I do. Even with the new laws, I feel like people still stick their noses up at the smell of pot. Thankfully, theres barely any smell when I vape my Marijuana Cartridge!"

Devan, Calgary

“Such a nifty little device! And boy, does it ever hit you hard! The high I got was fantastic, I didn't experience any couch lock sensation which I really appreciate!"

Carley, Ontario

“Very impressed with the charge on the battery. I had forgotten my charger when I went to my sisters for 2 nights and thought that was the end. Nope! Battery lasted all weekend!"

Lisa, Stony Plain


Marijuana Cartridge Atomizer

Personalized Air-Flow

Located on the mouthpiece is a rotating ring that allows the user to personalize their experience by adjusting the airflow to their preference.

Top Loading

Each cartridge is equipped with a top loading feature, allowing the user to refill the atomizer quickly and easily.

Vertical Ceramic Coil

When using THC oil, ceramic coils are the ideal coil to use as the vertical coil allows for easy vaporization of the THC e-Liquid.

Large Oil Intake Channels

In atomizers used for THC oil, large intake holes are necessary to ensure a great vaping experience.

Marijuana Cartridge Benefits

Check out just some of the many benefits of vaping with a Marijuana Cartridge!



With little to no odour or smoke produced, medicate virtually anywhere!



Marijuana Cartridges are potent, dose yourself appropriately.


Canadian Made

Proudly blended in Canada using licensed, Canadian Marijuana.


THC Distillate

Marijuana Cartridges are produced with THC Distillate – Pure, raw, potent THC!



Made with premium, high-quality ingredients.


No Dry Herb

No more busting dry herb, rolling joints or packing bowls!


Adjustable Airflow

Adjust the airflow to personalize your vaping experience!


Flavour Selection

Choose between Strawberry, Blueberry, Black Cherry and Natural!


Marijuana Cartridge Battery

The powerfully, sleek and beautiful 380 MAH battery, designed to hold a charge, comes equipped with a standardized 510 thread. Customers have the option to purchase individually, or in the convenient All In One Kit.

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